In 1600 & 1700s, on Eastern Shore, the Jacobs were a part of the colonial free colored community that included the Beckett, Carter, Cane, Day, Drigger/Rodriguez, Fernando, Francisco, Hammond, Harmon, Johnson, Longo, Manley, Mongon, Payne, Pedro, Revel, Tony, Webb families.

From other locations in Virginia, especially the Tidewater and Northern Neck came the Artis, Burnette, Bryant, Hardin, Manuel, Mozingo, Pettiford, Simmons, Sweat, and Wynn/Winn families.  (Italics for families that came through NC)

This story is how and why the Jacobs landed along the Coastal Plain of North Carolina.  In Chowan and Bertie Counties along the Albemarle Sound by 1745.  And at the southern tip, along the Cape Fear River and its tributaries by 1752.

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